Beautiful waterfall like a fairy in Thailand

Erawan Waterfall, just 3 hours drive from Bangkok, possesses poetic but majestic beauty with 7 cascades like stepping out from a fairy tale.


Erawan Falls is on the grounds of Erawan National Park, a 210 square mile (approximately 550 km2) protected area located in western Thailand, in Kanchanaburi province. Photo: viator .


In this oasis is a lush jungle surrounded by mountains, 7-tiered waterfalls and natural freshwater lakes. Photo: bucketlistlyblog .


Erawan Waterfall is created by Mong Lai and Omtala springs. It possesses lush vegetation, and is home to apes, monkeys and birds. Seven cascades of waterfalls cascade down to create natural pools, connected by mile-long paths, offering visitors the chance to dive or soak in the white limestone rocks. Photo: mybestplace .


The top of the falls is high, steep and challenging, but offers visitors a breathtaking panoramic view. The 3rd and 4th highest cascades are easier to conquer and are the ideal choice for enjoying long refreshing swims. Photo: tonefotografia .


A special feature in this water area is the presence of small fish that eat the skin of the feet. The fish turn this place into a miniature spa that you can fully enjoy the service for free. Photo: tripadvisor .

Erawan National Park was established in 1975, is one of the 10 most famous national parks in Thailand and is considered one of the most beautiful parks in Asia. This fairy paradise is located at an altitude of 195-995 m above sea level. This place is always in the top tourist attractions attracting a large number of tourists every year.