Elon Musk wants to cooperate with Apple

The billionaire said he was discussing with Apple about the satellite connection on the iPhone 14 and praised the company’s staff.

In the latest post on Twitter, Elon Musk said that SpaceX and Apple are in talks to develop satellite connectivity. He said both corporations “had many promising exchanges” about connected technology on Starlink, and praised Apple’s staff.


Specifically, user Zack on Twitter said that he hoped Apple and SpaceX’s Starlink could work together with the satellite emergency relief feature on iPhone, and tagged the official accounts of the two technology companies. .


Soon after, Elon Musk responded. “We have had many promising conversations with Apple regarding Starlink connectivity. The iPhone development team is very smart,” he shared.


Elon Musk praised the iPhone development team and expressed his desire to cooperate with Apple. Photo: Mashable .

The SpaceX CEO also said that the connection from space satellites to phones will work most effectively when both the device’s software and hardware respond to the cosmic signal and Starlink successfully simulates a wave station.


Elon Musk’s share was posted right after Apple announced the emergency relief feature by satellite connection on the iPhone 14. On the Apple side, the company has never mentioned negotiating with SpaceX about the Starlink satellite.


Currently, Apple is working with Globalstar to develop the satellite connection feature on the iPhone 14, and spend $ 450 million in a high-tech development fund for this technology. The tech company also agreed to pay 95% of Globalstar’s costs.


In return, the company will become Apple’s satellite operator and allocate 85% of its network capacity to support its smartphones.


According to Mashable , Apple is not the first technology company to launch a smartphone with satellite communication features.


Back in August, SpaceX partnered with carrier T-Mobile to provide satellite messaging in areas with weak or no connectivity. However, this technology is not yet available. Besides, unlike the satellite connection on the iPhone 14, technology from T-Mobile and SpaceX will appear on older smartphones.


Emergency relief is a new feature on the iPhone 14. Photo: Apple .

In addition, right before the “Far Out” event, Huawei was one step ahead of Apple when it launched the world’s first satellite-connected Mate 50 smartphone.


This device makes it possible for users to send messages and their current location to others even without a mobile network connection. But Huawei Mate 50 is only equipped with 4G technology instead of 5G due to the US semiconductor embargo.


The low-altitude satellite network relief feature on the iPhone 14 allows users to select a satellite and send an emergency message. The main purpose of a satellite connection on an iPhone is to enable messaging and conversation services in emergency situations, when traditional cellular service cannot respond.


When connecting, the software on the iPhone will ask a number of questions about the user’s status such as “lost”, “injured” or “with someone”. After receiving the answer, the phone will automatically contact the appropriate service station for assistance.


This feature will officially launch in November in the US and Canada and will be free for the first 2 years.