Cassano: ‘Ronaldo should consider retirement’

Former player Antonio Cassano believes that Cristiano Ronaldo should consider hanging up his boots if he cannot maintain top form.


Cassano believes that Ronaldo is no longer at the peak of his form. Photo: Reuters .

“A player like Ronaldo should learn to love himself. If you can’t create competition, you should stop. That’s the rule in any sport. Ronaldo has won all the glory. He has won. is a monument. Ronaldo has also made a lot of money. But now he is no longer a main player at MU. Maybe Ronaldo should consider retiring,” Cassano shared in an online program on the afternoon of 28/. 9.


Ronaldo has had a bad start to the 2022/23 season. After missing MU’s pre-season training, CR7 did not have the best ball feeling. The Portuguese superstar has played 10 games since the beginning of the season and has only scored one goal, a penalty kick against weak opponent Sheriff in the Europa League.


Cassano compared Ronaldo to rival Lionel Messi: “I have respect for Ronaldo. But as a player, I don’t like him. With Messi, I see him as Diego Maradona. When it comes to Messi, I think of sacrifice. Remember that Messi left Argentina at the age of 14, spent four lonely years in Barcelona, ‚Äč‚Äčovercame illness and shined.”


This is not the first time Cassano has made negative comments about Ronaldo. In January 2021, the former Italian player said: ” Juventus can still win Serie A without Ronaldo in the squad. Juventus made a bad decision. They signed Ronaldo to compete for the Champions League title, but in the end, they signed Ronaldo to win the Champions League. still fail.”


When Portugal lost 0-1 to Spain in the final series of the 2022/23 Nations League group stage, Ronaldo left a bad image when he threw the captain’s armband on the way off the field. He, Bruno Fernandes and Diogo Dalot returned to join MU to prepare for the Manchester derby on the night of October 2 in the Premier League .