Barca looking to recruit Messi again

¬†Spanish media revealed that Barcelona wants to reunite with Lionel Messi after the superstar’s contract with PSG expires.

Mundo Deportivo revealed that the Camp Nou team is serious in its plan to welcome Messi back to play in the summer of 2023, when the Argentine superstar ends his 2-year contract with PSG. Coach Xavi Hernandez is also interested in the prospect of welcoming Messi back to Barca in the future. In addition, the Catalan team also plans to bring Leo as an ambassador for the club after this striker retires.


However, according to the above source, Messi may have to reduce his salary to play football at the Camp Nou. L’Equipe once revealed that the Argentine superstar enjoys a salary of up to 25 million euros per season at PSG. That’s not including the 15 million euro loyalty fee.


Barca is also said to have to balance a significant salary fund if they want to welcome Messi back to play. The Catalan team had difficulty registering to play for rookies in the summer transfer window of 2022, because the salary fund exceeded the standards allowed by the La Liga organizers.


Messi has just scored twice in Argentina’s 3-0 victory over Honduras in a friendly match on the morning of September 24 (Hanoi time). The 35-year-old superstar’s immediate goal is to perform well at the 2022 World Cup in November.


Sharing in an interview after the win over Honduras, Messi said: “This year everything will be different. I feel comfortable entering the new season, everything around me is very good, from the relationship between me and me. The team-mates, the atmosphere in the dressing room or the results of the matches. I feel like everything is going in the right direction.”


Lionel Scaloni, coach of Argentina, said of Messi: “The most important thing is that Messi is comfortable. If he is not happy, the whole team is not playing well. Everyone on the pitch is watching Messi. I hope to have good results like the last match.”


Messi played 778 matches for Barca and scored 672 goals. He has 10 La Liga titles and 4 Champions League titles with the Camp Nou team.