Some intersting fact about the BTS group

The Korean boy band BTS, which is only three years old and constantly smashing records, is one of the region’s hottest talents. They have succeeded in topping the Social 50 list and rising to the top of the Billboard 200 despite not having any English singles. Although their incredible success, the BTS group isn’t exactly a household name among many US music fans. Anything you need to know about this boundary-defying performance is provided here.

Much of their music is original to them

The discography of BTS include writing credits for all seven of the group’s members. They have the rappers Suga and Rap Monster in particular emerging as producers. The majority of the group’s songs were co-written by Slow Rabbit and Korean producer Pdogg, who helped the group develop its distinctive hip-hop-infused dancing style.

Much of their music is original to them

Much of their music is original to them

BTS has examined the history of Hip-Hop

Since K-inception pop’s in the 1990s, hip-hop has played a part in the genre. But right now, rap is seeing a revival in Korea. As a boy band, BTS may not seem like the obvious forerunners of K-hip-hop. But they have influenced the genre in ways that have increased its accessibility to audiences more accustomed to bubblegum pop.

BTS faced criticism for cultural appropriation and for being insincere after beginning their career by imitating traditional hip-hop swag. Their reality series American Hustle Life from 2014 included a crash course in the genre with assistance from Coolio and Warren G. Therefore, they investigated the origins and musicianship of hip-hop.

The BTS Army is strong

BTS is one of K-biggest pop’s fandoms as a consequence of their accessibility. This has allowed them to connect with fans from all over the world through both their personality and their music. ARMY put up a really strong performance in Billboard’s Fan Army Face-Off earlier this year despite not being able to get past the first round and only receiving close to 450,000 votes.

BTS is one of K-biggest pop's fandoms as a consequence of their accessibility

BTS is one of K-biggest pop’s fandoms as a consequence of their accessibility

The fact that ARMY helped the BTS group amass a staggering number of YouTube views—”Blood, Sweat & Tears” has been available for less than a month but is already at 30 million views—has also drawn notice.

According to reports, it also set a record for the K-pop music video with the most views in a single day—more than 6.3 million.

BTS is the only K-pop act with its own Twitter emoji at the moment

BTS was the first K-pop group to obtain a special Twitter emoji because of their extensive social media presence and the “Golden Tweet” of Korea in 2015. Fans had access to a number of hashtags in May and June that included a tiny picture of the bulletproof-vest logo used by BTS.

The emoji was developed as part of BTS’s hunt for their largest fan bases; to win the title, the Brazilian, Turkish, and Russian ARMYs used the hashtag the most.

The BTS group enjoys Trilogy

The BTS group enjoys Trilogy

The BTS group enjoys Trilogy

In addition to their two full-length albums, Wings from this month and Dark & Wild from 2014, BTS’ Korean discography includes included two EP trilogies. The Skool trilogy, which consisted of their first album 2Cool 4Skool, O!RUL,2? from 2013, and Skool Love Affair from 2014, marked the start of their career.

The trilogy had hard-hitting songs that were concerned with students’ daily struggles. The songs of the 2015–16 trilogy The Most Beautiful Time in Life (Part 1, Part 2, and Epilogue CDs) drew on the lives of young people and featured more experimental sounds and deep meanings.