Metaverse Facebook – Key features and how to access

The metaverse is a virtual reality (VR) environment where users can communicate with one another while in a synthetic setting. The parent firm of Facebook changed its name to Meta in 2021, broadening its scope beyond social media to include creating the metaverse. Facebook’s (or Meta’s) contribution to the metaverse is referred to as the metaverse Facebook. It is a social platform built in virtual reality. According to Meta, Facebook’s metaverse is as follows.

Facebook's contribution to the metaverse is referred to as the metaverse Facebook

Facebook’s contribution to the metaverse is referred to as the metaverse Facebook

Metaverse Facebook Features

The metaverse, according to Mark Zuckerberg, creator and CEO of Meta (previously Facebook), is a place to “connect, work, play, learn, and shop”. Many Facebook metaverse features are listed below:

  • The Horizon Worlds. The launch of Horizon Worlds, “an ever-expanding social realm” with “over 10,000 worlds and experiences,” and the development of its Meta Quest VR gear options coincided with Facebook’s renaming as Meta. To mimic items in the real world, the program combines physics, customizable animation, and virtual reality technologies. Additionally, it provides interactive puzzles, sports, movies, music, and multiplayer gaming.
The Horizon Worlds

The Horizon Worlds

  • The Horizon Workrooms. The purpose of Horizon Workrooms is to replicate an actual workplace environment. It is a virtual area with collaboration tools accessible to companies.
  • The Horizon Venues. Have you ever wished you could watch a sporting event or concert from the convenience of your home? The goal of Horizon Venues is to achieve this experience by giving users virtual representations of event venues.

The Facebook metaverse will also be useful for other purposes, including immersive e-learning environments and virtual shopping experiences, according to Meta’s website.

Accessing the Metaverse Facebook

You will require some sort of electronic device to enter the metaverse Facebook, regardless of the region you choose to travel to. You have the following choices:

  • Virtual reality (VR) headsets are sophisticated eyewear that you wear over your eyes to view the metaverse. You need to turn your head as well as your eyes to take in and engage with your surroundings. The metaverse worlds you’re exploring support a variety of VR platforms, including the Meta Quest series (formerly Oculus Quest) from Meta.
  • Augmented reality (AR) gear: AR is relevant to virtual reality (VR). Although AR superimposes digital features on the real world, VR replicates an immersive digital experience. Unlike to AR equipment, which offers greater mobility, VR equipment is more constrictive.
VR replicates an immersive digital experience

VR replicates an immersive digital experience

  • Consoles for playing video games: The PlayStation can be compatible with or without VR. The Roblox metaverse is accessible without a VR headset. Using a headset, you can access more metaverses. Roblox is accessible on the Xbox One gaming console, and Microsoft has stated plans to integrate Halo and Minecraft features into the Xbox.
  • Computers: The majority of PCs are compatible with VR and AR systems, however for the greatest experience, your computer should have strong graphic capabilities and at least 2 GB of Memory. Recently, Apple unveiled Metal3, a new user interface that would enhance gaming on the MacBook Pro. Two new games will be released for use with the Metal 3 interface: Resident Evil Village and No Man’s Sky.
  • Mobile phone apps: Accessing the metaverse Facebook doesn’t always require VR or AR. Without any additional hardware, a mobile device may access many metaverse platforms. For instance, Roblox is accessible on smartphones whether or not they come with VR.