Wenger pointed out the reason why MU failed

Arsene Wenger thinks that the two wings of Manchester United defend too badly in the confrontation with Man City in the 9th round of the Premier League taking place on the evening of October 2 (Hanoi time).

Antony scored, but coach Wenger said that the Brazilian striker’s defensive support was not good. Photo: Reuters .

“In the first half, Manchester United defended so badly,” the former French coach commented on beIN SPORTS . “From the first minute, I saw their nervousness and indiscretion in defense. Attacking players like Sancho and Antony did not contribute to the defense. They mainly appeared in the second half of the field. the other side of the opponent and quite lazy to assist in catching people”.


MU almost broke the match against Man City when they conceded 4 goals in the first half. Two of the four goals of Erling Haaland and Phil Foden in the first half of the match came from situations where the “Red Devils” were not defending well. Wenger believes that Jadon Sancho and Antony are the two players who take responsibility for not providing good defensive support.


“MU allowed Man City to have too much space and when the home team counterattacked quickly, the two flanks of the away team revealed many loopholes. Man City’s goals in the first half spoke for themselves,” the former strategist said. led Arsenal to conclude.


In the match against Man City, coach Erik Ten Hag continued to use the system and familiar people over time. Sancho and Antony played on the flanks, while Bruno Fernandes played behind striker Marcus Rashford.


However, the system of the “Red Devils” did not work against a superior Man City in terms of people and gameplay. Wenger thinks that MU’s ability to defend on both sides is not good.


He said: “Haaland is a monster. You have the feeling that no one can stop this guy. Above all, the satellites around him are very good. Manchester United defended crosses from defenders and Man City midfielder is not good.”


Meanwhile, Roy Keane said that MU’s main problem seems to be confidence when entering the Manchester derby. “The match against Man City seems overwhelming for them (MU players). I almost can’t believe what I’m watching,” the former MU captain assessed. “Maybe behind that is a lack of faith. It was easy for Man City.”