The first change on iPhone 15

iPhone 15 may be equipped with USB-C charging standard instead of Lightning port. This change will take place for the entire market, rather than just for the European region.


iPhone 15 could be Apple’s first smartphone equipped with a USB-C charging port. Photo: Getty Images .

According to CNBC , Apple is likely to equip all iPhone 15 models with a new USB-C charging standard and remove the traditional Lightning port. This is in response to new European Union regulations.


Earlier, on October 4, lawmakers in the European Parliament passed a bill requiring electronic devices including smartphones, tablets and cameras sold in the EU to have a gateway. USB-C charging. This regulation will apply from the end of 2024.


According to Ben Wood, head of analysis at CCS Insight , Apple may remove the Lightning port and adopt the USB-C standard for the iPhone 15 series by 2023.


“It is not excluded that Apple will have to invest and switch to a USB-C charging port for the iPhone 15 when it launches in 2023,” said Ben Wood.


The Lightning charging port will disappear under new European Union regulations. Photo: Getty Images .

“In my view, Apple already uses the USB-C port on the MacBook and iPad Pro, so the transition for the iPhone 15 has already begun. In addition, the iPhone 14 has not changed much and the iPhone 15 may have a more groundbreaking design. Therefore, 2023 will be a good time to make changes,” Ben Wood told CNBC .


In May, Bloomberg reported that Apple was testing iPhone models with USB-C charging ports. However, they will not be released in 2023.


Meanwhile, Bryan Ma, technology analyst at IDC, said that Apple will make the change for the entire iPhone globally, not just Europe.


“Apple will move to universal chargers, rather than having to manufacture individual parts, unless the company thinks it is really making a lot of money from those accessories or wants to maintain its identity. separate as it is now,” Ma told CNBC .


In fact, the EU bill was formulated 10 years ago. In it, lawmakers argue that different charging standards are creating waste and that new regulations can help reduce this.


“Although Apple has a large number of devices using Lightning charging ports, the ubiquity of USB-C across all electronic products will make everything more efficient,” Wood added.