When blockchain technology ‘touches’ human health

 With its wide application, blockchain is opening up a “dream” perspective for millions of people when there is a need for healthcare.

Under the strong development and popularization of blockchain in parallel with the cryptocurrency market in the past time, society is witnessing outstanding innovations in all fields. Considered as the optimal technology at present, blockchain has entered the medical field – the root of every country, including Vietnam.


“New weapon” for the medical industry

In theory, blockchain is envisioned as an electronic ledger, capable of storing all kinds of transactions, contracts, or recording events, identities, proofs of origin, and data transparently. White. Since then, this technology brings outstanding advantages, especially authenticity and security. The digital identifier information is automatically stored with the time stamp and cannot be deleted or edited.


With these advantages, blockchain has been used as a solution to improve production efficiency when helping businesses to monitor production processes, product distribution, inventory, etc. Or typically in the financial sector. banking, blockchain has the ability to authenticate customer information, limit the risk of technical problems while still ensuring high security and convenience.



In the past, it was not difficult to see the image of families from far away coming to the central hospital for medical examination, carrying utensils with thick medical records. On the other hand, at the next follow-up visit, incidents such as forgetting to bring medical records or losing test results are not uncommon.


Today, patient information or orders, drug transaction invoices… are gradually being managed by intelligent management systems at medical facilities. However, these platforms still have many limitations related to privacy, security, and the ability to connect and interchange multi-dimensional data.


Thanks to its optimal information storage capacity and high security, blockchain is considered the key to the problem. That key was quickly applied thoroughly by Infomed and included in the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) to serve the medical examination and treatment process at hospitals, clinics, and grassroots medical lines in Vietnam.


Simulate the ability to connect and circulate multidimensional data of EMR Electronic Medical Records, developed by Infomed.


Shorten procedures, time

Sharing about the EMR solution, Mr. Nguyen Francis Tuan Anh, Chairman of Infomed Joint Stock Company, explained: “This is an electronic medical record solution that has the same legal basis and function as paper medical records”.


EMR is an independent system, easy to integrate with other systems of hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities. Electronic medical records have a periodic backup mechanism, restore information to its original state when there is a problem, even save all user changes, helping administrators to view and use when needed.


Notably, the EMR solution ensures transparency during the examination because all information and processes are digitized and processed on the software. From here, medical staff and patients can feel secure in the security of medical data in accordance with the International Health Information Privacy Act (HIPAA).

High security of medical data with blockchain technology, can be digitally signed, attached to medical records on time, ordered and supports many types of digital signatures of many providers. The signed contents cannot be modified, ensuring the transparency of the records.


“The solution is built and supported by technology by leading experienced experts from Microsoft Corporation, with outstanding features such as the flexibility to change form templates using Microsoft Word technology, digitally or signing. electronically authenticated by blockchain technology,” added Mr. Tuan Anh.


In addition, EMR is optimized in both interface and applicability compared to traditional paper medical records. The most obvious is that EMR is designed on an e-document platform, similar to Microsoft Word documents and presented exactly like the paper medical records that hospitals and medical facilities are using according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health. . Therefore, the manipulation and editing is simpler.


On the other hand, one of the optimal functions of the EMR solution from Infomed is that users can easily integrate images, video clips, and sounds in clinical activities such as pre- and post-operative injury images, videos. Record the progress of surgery and procedures, abnormal sounds such as heart sounds, pathological lungs.


Not only that, EMR also has the ability to automatically integrate with the patient’s daily vitals monitoring devices such as vital indicator monitors, vitals monitoring devices in the ICU room, and equipment. IoT devices to monitor blood sugar, blood pressure … help save time, ensure accuracy and improve treatment efficiency.


With EMR, medical facilities can completely work towards comprehensive data standardization, data interoperability according to international standards, and quick and convenient information sharing with other facilities.


With the application of optimal technology and outstanding features, recently Infomed has been granted the first and only patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in the world up to now for this solution. electronic medical record (EMR).


In fact, Infomed’s EMR electronic medical record is continuing to contribute to improving the quality of medical examination and treatment, serving patients at hospitals, clinics, health care units, and shortening the time. examination procedures, creating many conveniences for patients and medical staff.