Starbucks builds NFT app reward points system

 Starbucks’ NFT-based reward system is a product of the Polygon blockchain partnership.

Starbucks has just announced on the chain’s official Twitter page about opening a reward points system for customers later this year. Starbucks partners and loyal customers can sign up for the waiting list from now on.


Accordingly, Starbucks Odyssey – the name of the reward accumulation program – is a system that allows users to collect, exchange, and buy and sell Starbucks-related items and labels in the form of NFTs (non-negotiable assets). replace).


Starbucks will officially partner with Polygon for the Starbucks Odyssey rewards system. Photo: The Verge.

Mr. Ryan Butz – marketing director of Starbucks – said that Starbucks’ top focus is on building the Starbucks Odyssey system with technology in line with the brand’s aspirations and commitment to sustainability.


“We did a lot of research to choose a usable blockchain and found Polygon to be a perfect fit. With a network of fast transactions, low costs, it is the perfect platform for our digital community. Starbucks,” said Ryan Butz.


Mr. Sandeep Nailwal – the founder of Polygon – also expressed his joy at the combination between the two businesses.


“Starbucks chose Polygon because both focus on diversity, accessibility and sustainability. Polygon can be said to be the ideal launch pad for Starbucks on its journey into the world of Web 3.0.” , Sandeep Nailwal commented.


So after Reddit, Facebook, Dolce & Gabbana or Disney, Starbuck will become the next big brand to cooperate with Polygon for its NFT plans.