iPhone 14 Pro will bring a new record for Apple

 Good sales of the iPhone 14 Pro series will be an important factor to help Apple stay in the high-end smartphone market.


According to DigiTimes , if the purchase of Apple’s most expensive smartphone line continues to increase until the end of the year, it is likely that the high-end phone market share of the technology company will be at 60%.


Apple’s products that cost more than $500 typically account for about 55% of the market for high-end devices and can increase to 60% during peak shopping season, the site said. But with iPhone 14 Pro sales this year, the previous peak season record is likely to hold for months to come.


Previously, a source from LeakApplePro said that the technology group had asked its supplier partner Foxconn to switch the production line of the standard iPhone 14 to the Pro series to keep up with the high demand of users.


But Apple’s component manufacturing partners will not cut any product lines, but only adjust the production rate between the regular and Pro versions due to the difference in customer demand, DigiTimes added.


The fact also shows that the number of pre-ordered iPhone 14 Pro / Pro Max is much higher than products of the same generation.


On Apple’s homepage, some memory options of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are in short supply, forcing users to wait a few weeks to receive the goods. Meanwhile, the standard iPhone 14 sales are quite dismal, so it’s always available on the website and stores, customers don’t have to wait as long as with the Pro series.


But according to DigiTimes , to determine whether the demand to buy iPhone 14 Pro is really great, Apple needs to wait for sales performance results in the first month of sale.


In 2021, iPhone 13 Pro had very impressive sales only after the first sale. At the time, this was the clearest sign that users were inclined to upgrade to the Pro series due to its impressive configuration improvements.


This year, the iPhone 14 has the same design and screen as the iPhone 13 generation and uses the old chip that appeared on the iPhone 14 Pro. The 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Plus line is just a larger version with a large battery capacity, replacing the mini line that did not sell very well last year.


Therefore, users tend to choose the Pro series, which is strongly upgraded in terms of design, performance, along with Dynamic Island and Always-On Display.